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We are extremely excited about the upcoming 17th Annual Rolling British Car Day, to be held Sunday, April 22, 2012.

This will be the best Rolling British Car Day EVER!!!!!!  We will be traveling exclusively through the back country . . .lots of great scenery and twisty roads--and very few stoplights!  No trips through downtown La Jolla this year!

We will be departing from TWO starting locations.  The first is in Temecula, the second will be in San Marcos.  More details to follow.  The concept of the Temecula starting point will be to encourage our friends from Orange, Riverside and LA counties to attend.

Please confirm your Registration now by completing the Registration Form, and purchasing your Rallye Pack for the event.  Your Rallye Pack will be your confirmed reservation, your gate pass (through security), the placard for your windshield, as well as containing route directions, event decals, British Car Day registration forms and materials, and other goodies.


At the event destination, the purchase of lunch and other goodies is strictly CASH only.

We have included the food options in the order form simply to get a head count. The listed prices for food are not factored into the $10 cost of attendance.


Please fill out the following form. Your registration for the event is $10.00, payable via PayPal or mail-in check.


First name*
Last Name*
2017 British Car Day Registration
October 8, 2017
ONLINE British Car Registration $25
ONLINE British Motorcycle Registration $10
Club Affiliation*
Vehicle Type*
Vehicle Year*
Vehicle Make*
Vehicle Model*
You may pre-register a second vehicle for a reduced rate of $20.
Second Vehicle*
Second Vehicle Year
Second Vehicle Make
Second Vehicle Model
All T-shirts are $15 when purchased in advance. They will be $20 on the day of the event if we aren't sold out beforehand. Pre-order to avoid disappointment. You can pre-order up to three t shirts.
T-Shirt #1
T-Shirt #2
T-Shirt #3
If you have additional comments or questions, you can enter them below.
Additional Information
Payment is accepted via PayPal. It is a secure process, and ensures accurate collection of your information. You can pay with your credit card through PayPal.
We are only accepting paid preregistration. You are welcome to pay in cash on the morning of the event it will be $40 per car. We strongly encourage you to preregister.
If you do not have a PayPal account, or if you want to pay using Credit/Debit, proceed to the PayPal checkout and choose "Do not have a PayPal account". You will be able to process your Credit/Debit transaction as a guest.


17th Annual Rolling British Car Day

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 - 9 a.m.

If you haven't already figured out where we're going...

Wait... One thing first. We certainly hope you're coming! If you know you're coming and you expect to buy food at our destination, we really need you to head over to the website and register. If you're not sure, you can show up the day of and pay for the rally pack that morning... but then bring your lunch! or buy it at the start location... If you have registered and expect to buy food, bring cash. They can't do credit cards. The menu is on the website.
Okay... Back to the big reveal...

Our 50 mile journey of back country twisty roads will bring us to the...
Pauma Valley Country Club
15835 Pauma Valley Drive
Pauma Valley,  CA  92061

It's a gorgeous oasis. We will be parked out on the manicured grass near tall shade trees and the 18th hole. Bring your folding chairs and blankets to make it a proper picnic.  It promises to be a beautiful and very sunny day!
(Let's hope! We're going rain or shine.)


                                         Meet at 9am - Meet at 9:45am - Drive at 10am

Temecula Town Center (Vons and Target), at the corner of Ynez Road and Rancho California Road
Starbucks, Vons, Subway and others are nearby for Coffee, Lunch for later, and restrooms.
Chevron nearby for petrol.

San Marcos:
Campus Marketplace (Ralphs and Starbucks) at the intersection of Barham Road & Discovery Street
Ralphs and Starbucks and others are nearby for Coffee, Lunch for later, and restrooms.
Unocal off Twin Oaks Valley Road near the on ramp at Carmel Street for the closest petrol.

Regardless of which starting location you choose, the two routes will converge and we willenter our final destination together.  It should be quite a parade!

More questions? If we've missed anything here... check out this link. RBCD INFO or email us.
We are extrememly excited about the upcoming 17th Annual Rolling British Car Day, to be held Sunday, April 22nd.  

We will be traveling exclusively through the back country . . . lots of great scenery and twisty roads--and very few stoplights!  No trips through downtown LaJolla this year!  We will be departing from TWO starting locations.  One start point is in Temecula, the other will be in San Marcos.  More details to follow.  The concept of the Temecula starting point has been incorporated to encourage our friends from Orange, Riverside and LA counties to attend. 
Our destination of the Pauma Valley Country Club is going to absolutely BLOW YOUR MIND!!!    So, here's some initial information about this fabulous destination, and our gracious hosts:

  • We will be parking on manicured grass, with incredible views

  • Our destination is very private and exclusive -- we doubt  you've ever been there!

  • Our hosts will be providing a lunch buffet, at a very reasonable cost The buffet will feature British foods and beverages . . . including beer and wine

  • Our destination has connections to John Wayne (John Wayne's former home is now the Clubhouse!)  and John DeLorean!

  • We will be joined at our destination by our host's collector cars!

Some things you need to know:
If you do not pre-register and pre-pay, you are still welcome to attend, but we ask that you provide your own picnic, or provide your own lunch (there is a Subway and a Ralph's deli in San Marcos, and a deli at the Von's in Temecula).

The Rallye Packs will be distributed at both starting locations, and will be $10.00.  The Rallye pack is not only your confirmation, but also will be your "pass"into the destination, your directions, event decals, and other information and goodies.

As always, you are welcome to bring a picnic . . . However, Our hosts will have a British Inspired menu available for us to purchase . .  . let's support them.   Please preregister and pre-pay  your menu choices when you preregister for your rallye package.  The food that you RSVP is not binding and will be paid for at the time you pick it up.

We will be enjoying our lunch on the grass--so bring along your favorite picnic blankets, or "bag chairs", small folding chairs, etc.  The area where are cars will be parked are surrounded by tall and stately shade trees--should it be a very sunny day.

The hosts can NOT accept credit cards for the lunch, beverages or other purchases.  Please be prepared to purchase your lunch and beverages with CASH.

There may well be other items you wish to purchase!  Again, Cash Only.  There are no ATM machines nearby :)) As with all Rolling British Car Day events, you will need to provide your own vehicle and liability insurance, and sign a release to that affect.

Heaven forbid it should rain, the event will still go forward.  We would park on asphalt, and the lunch will be held under cover.
There will be more information, and clues!, to follow.   

Your Rolling British Car Day committee,
Steve Kirby, David Johnston, Tom Wright 

 Regardless of which starting location you choose, the two routes will converge and we willTriumphantly (sorry, bad pun) enter our final destination together.  Should be quite a parade!
For our Orange, LA and Riverside friends, the starting point is the Temecula Town Center (anchor stores are Von's and Target), at the corner of Ynez Rd and Rancho California Rd.  For GPS purposes, use the address of 29676 Rancho California Road.  There are numerous stores to get a pastry and coffee/tea, etc.:  Starbucks, the Von's fresh bakery, a donut shop, a Subway and others.  There are restrooms located in Starbuck's, Von's and the also nearby Chevron gas station.
For those starting in San Marcos, our exact location is the Campus Marketplace, opposite the beautiful Cal State University San Marcos campus.  Take the Twin Oaks Valley Rd offramp from Hwy 78, heading towards the University.  At the intersection of Barham Rd & Discovery St you will find the shopping center.  Park and congregate in the large parking lot . . . opposite the Ralph's store, but closest to Twin Oaks Valley Rd -- between the Bank of America and the Players Sports Bar.  Within this center, there is a Starbuck's (nearest the corner of Twin Oaks Valley Rd and Barham Rd/Discovery St), and for those of you not addicted to Starbuck's, the fresh bakery within Ralph's offers a nice selection of pastries--bagels w/cream cheese, turnovers, donuts, croissants, etc.. and a selection of coffees.  Both Starbuck's and Ralph's have restrooms (at Ralph's . . . go to the rear of the store, find the inlet between the cold deli and the OJ).  Finally, if you need gas, there is a Unocal off Twin Oaks Valley Rd., very near the on/off ramp at Carmel St.

Cheers, the PUB Team

2012 Rolling BCD Menu

People are already lining up...
Voice your Menu preferences when you preregister for the Rallye Package...

  Our hosts are offering a Very British Menu
Minced Meat in Baps
½ Pound Ground Sirloin Burger, with Cheese, Tomato, Onion, & Greens.......$11
Bangers in Baps
¼ Pound Sausage or Hot Dog, with Onion, Relish, & Condiments.....................$6

Assorted Crisps................................................................................................$1.25
Assorted Bickies: Porridge, Plain Chocolate, & Ground Nut..............................$1.50
Bitter & Brown Ales.........................................................................................$6.50
Chardonnay, Cabernet, & Pinot Noir..................................................................$7.50
Sodas & Bottled Spring Water.........................................................................$2.50
 All prices include service charge and California state sales tax

As British Car Day approaches, we're taking time to recognize the valued vendors who help make the event happen.


We've put together vendor profiles on our blog - check it out!


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